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It is a great honor to introduce you to Victoria - my grandchild.

She is a committed and talented artist, who plans to follow in her "Opa's" footsteps.

I have watched her draw since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She has worked diligently at perfecting her skills.

By her request, she has asked to join the Inphinnity Art Gallery & we welcome her. 

Stephen Phinney | "Opa"

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Note: Pastels are difficult to capture digitally or on film. Originals are far more vibrant & real to life.

Inphinnity Gallery was founded in 1989 to share the Life of Christ with others!

Victoria's Expressions

Please consider supporting Victoria's ambitions in developing her craft. You can help us accomplish this by sending a note of encouragement, and/or purchasing her originals. She also is willing to produce replicas of all posted masters. 

If you are interested in purchasing Vicotria's original masters, contact us directly. 

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