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Jane M. Phinney | Sept. 14, 2020 |

I grew up categorizing my clothes. Certain items were designated for work & play, as opposed to those considered “good clothes.” These special items were kept for specific events…Sunday church, weddings, graduations, holiday programs or anything else deemed a special outing. This also applied to shoes because we didn’t have very many pairs. My clothes worn for work & play were labeled “everyday” because they were multi-purpose. For all practical purposes, they were worn & washed more frequently.

I think we subconsciously categorize the ways that we perceive God working. If there isn’t a human or scientific explanation, we call it a miracle. On the flip side, we erroneously conclude that if we had any part in an outcome, God likely didn’t have had His hand in it. By & large, we look for miracles in the externals around us. These happenings are deemed “special” because they are set a part, kind of like my Sunday best attire. Ironically, just like work & play clothes, there are likely more everyday miracles than we can count. We just need to watch for God at work & be alert to the flow of His evidence. Everyday miracles keep us spiritually breathing & believing. They are God’s signature on the stories of our lives.

A few weeks ago, I woke up to a lukewarm shower. My first thought was, “Oh no! Here we go again! Not now, Lord!” And the predictable scenario started playing out in my mind. You see, we have a history with our water heater. It’s been a love/hate relationship for quite a while. We’ve lived in this house for 7 years. Six months after our move in, the ignitor box/attachment/part…whatever you want to call it…broke. We called the gas company who promptly came out to assess the situation. $350 later, the service man told us about their monthly appliance repair plan. We had just spent more than the cost of an entire year’s payments. So we signed up pronto! It was a good thing too. Because another 6 months down the road, the part went defunct again. This round, we got to know Alan a little better as we swapped some history. Little did we know that our time with Alan wasn’t over, because it happened a third time. When he came in the house that day he declared, “I hate the way this part is made!” It was then that he told us he now kept the extra part to our water heater in his truck.

In a 2-year period, that dumb part went out 4 times. On the very last service call, Alan announced that they had improved/upgraded the ignitor box. He also decided to flush out the tank completely & we crossed our fingers. We were hoping not to see each soon! 😊 So when I realized we were out of hot water for the 5th time, my heart dropped. I had vivid memories of heating lots & lots of water during the previous 2 day waiting periods. Because of covid dynamics, I was told that the service department was backed up for 5 days. Then there was a 2 day wait for parts. All total, that was 7 days without hot water! They put me on a waiting list & suggested I call someone else if I wanted to… someone whose services would not be covered by the appliance plan we pay for monthly.

I think I reacted worse this time because we were fresh off Steve getting his bone marrow biopsy 2 days earlier. We are still in the process of elimination, trying to figure out what is happening in his body. We are emotionally invested. So on this particular August morning I found myself tired & sighing. Not a good combo when I already had prior knowledge of the water heater “drill.” We decided to call CB, a handyman we employed many times before--just to get his take on this situation. That was when my everyday miracle was set in motion.

CB’s response to our problem was, “I’m on my way to another appointment but I’m literally passing by your house. Why don’t I just stop & check it. Hm-m, I’m literally here.” (REALLY? CB is always so busy.) Sure enough, I go to the door & he’s walking up to the porch. In 5 minutes he’s on the floor, taking off the mesh ring around the bottom of the heater. “Wash this,” CB says. “It prevents things from being sucked up into the heater.” Hm-m, I’d never been told that before. (Thank you, God.) Now CB takes off the protective cover & says, “I always check these 2 wires. And this button is a reset button.” (Wow, Lord. Nobody ever showed me this before.) CB pushes the button & goes about clicking the ignitor again, & again & again as he looks underneath the heater. “Come on!” he coaxes the flame. After about 12 times, we hear it pop on. (I’m reliving my past with the water heater & thankfulness is welling up in my soul.) I looked at CB & said, “Why didn’t someone tell us this before? And it took you all of 5 minutes!” He just grins. (I’m SO RELIEVED I want to cry.) CB didn’t charge us a dime for his drive-by service. And he cheerfully left to meet his next customer.

As the full realization of God’s everyday miracle hit me, I did cry! We were delivered from 7 days without hot water in 5 minutes. I felt a huge weight lift as many potential time-altering interruptions vanished into thin air! God used CB to show us His solution. CB didn’t have to stop. But he did. It was a practical demonstration of the Body of Christ in action. I texted him to tell him how, & why, his actions meant so much to me. He responded with, “Glad to know I’ve been used by God. Glad to help.” Little considerations can be game-changers in another life. Be on the lookout! Everyday miracles are all around us. Ask God to open your eyes & heart to see Him at work. <3

“I will cry to God Most High, to God who accomplishes all things for me.”( Ps 57:2) Ask, & it shall be given to you; seek, & you shall find; knock, & it shall be opened to you.” (Matt 7:7)


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