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Jane M. Phinney | Dec. 9, 2019

When parents encourage a baby to take their first steps, we hold out our arms & say, “Come! Come to me.” I can picture it, can’t you? We’re more excited than they are & our faces literally beam in anticipation. When they show any indication of progress, at all, we cheer them on with clapping & a punctuated “Yay-y-y!!” Sometimes we walk behind them, holding both of their hands, so they get the feeling of balancing on their own two feet. In return, babies tend to respond to our enthusiasm with smiles, giggles, & their own mimicked clapping. Any observer would think that it was the adult who had accomplished this feat of growing maturity. 😊

I would like to suggest that we switch places in this scenario. Only this time, God our Father is the parent. Although He never looks silly, His children start out as babes, learning to walk in, & by, faith. Like our tiny counterparts, we start out wobbly & progress from there. Our focus is on the Father’s outstretched arms & His encouragement to “Come,” because we are unsure of ourselves & know we can’t live this life on our own. We count on hearing His voice & we become steadier on our spiritual feet until we want to stay on His path. Even then, we are dependent on His leading so that we don’t veer off course & get into serious trouble.

As I write, it’s December & the temptation to be swallowed by external holiday activity is knocking at my door. More than ever, it’s necessary for me to keep the Truth of Jesus Christ-as-my-Life front & center. HE IS THE BEST GIFT I/we will ever receive! And everything I/we give others, should flow from His work in us. (Yes, that includes tangible gifts.) He is always ready, willing & waiting for us to respond. Occasionally we get sidetracked in a world of noise & busyness, putting those quiet, reflective, intimate times with Him on hold. But He always bids us to COME for cleansing & renewal. (Isaiah 1:18) He says that we can only COME to the Father through Himself. (John 14:6) We COME to find rest. (Matthew 11:28-30) He beckons us to COME & pray, to receive mercy & grace when we are needy. (Hebrews 4:16) And in the end He will COME for us, to take us home. (Revelation 22:17&20)

Jesus desires & waits for us to…..

Come Sit with Me Awhile©

Come sit with Me awhile

You know I really care

Come sit with Me awhile

Your burdens I will bear

Come sit with Me awhile

I AM a prayer away

Come sit with me awhile

Listen to what I say

Come sit with Me awhile

Please lay your burden down

Come sit with Me awhile

I AM your solid ground

Come sit with Me awhile

You are so tired & weak

Come sit with me awhile

I AM the strength you seek

Come sit with Me awhile

Shed your foolish pride

Come sit with Me awhile

From Me you cannot hide

You came & sat, My child

It was safe upon My knee

You came & sat, My child

I AM has set you free!

It’s time to walk, My child

Empowered by My grace

The Way has been revealed

Nothing else can take My place

It’s time to share, My child

Lead others to My heart

You are a chosen vessel

This message to impart

I AM the God of Hope

I give you joy & peace

Go now & spread the news

I offer sweet release


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