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Jane M. Phinney | Dec. 23, 2019

One of the most frustrating feelings is waiting for answers to pertinent, timely questions. You’ve done due diligence. You wait…& wait…& wait.

It’s one thing if you’re not getting answers because you dropped the ball in the process. It’s quite another to have faithfully completed what was required, only to still find yourself at the mercy of others, while they seemingly control part of your future. There is simply nothing you can do expect pray & trust God for His perfect timing. And His timing is perfect, even when we don’t quite see it in the moment.

I think we can freely ask God questions if we aren’t blaming Him for sin’s consequences or demanding we get our own way. He sees the big picture, beginning to end. But, are we willing for Him to ask us questions? And are we willing to be honest & transparent before Him? In November, I shared a blog/poem that was, in effect, God asking me questions...hard questions that brought me face-to-face with unseen insecurities in my soul. It was called “If Nothing Ever Changes.” Originally, when I wrote it, God challenged me when His painfully sharp arrows were all bullseyes in my heart. He doesn’t play games like we do. We’re either honest & transparent, or we run. These questions are still as relevant to my life today as they were then. Life happens. Circumstances & people can unexpectedly change. Every time I reread them, I’m able to apply the truth with renewed meaning.

Imagine my total surprise when a reader responded with his personalized answers to God’s questions. I have never met this brother in Christ. I didn’t know he was reading my stuff. But he was refreshingly honest & I was overwhelmingly encouraged. I felt as though I was a privileged bystander, overhearing a private conversation. He has given me permission to share what he wrote.

Will you still believe in Me? If nothing in the current situation you’re in ever changes. Yes, my Lord. Will you still trust Me? to be able to take care for you & still minister through you, if nothing ever changes. Yes, my Lord. Will you still seek me in prayer? If nothing ever changes. Yes, & please teach me both aspects of prayer. Will you still study my Truth? If nothing ever changes. Yes, & please teach me to rightly divide it. Will You still serve Me? If nothing ever changes. Yes, & please teach me how to discern Your voice from all others including my own. Will you still honor Me? If nothing ever changes. Yes, & please fill me with loving boldness to proclaim Your holy name, Lord Jesus. Will you still obey Me? If nothing ever changes. Yes, for I know that Your ways are perfect. Will you still serve others? If nothing ever changes. Yes, & please teach me when, where & how to put other’s needs ahead of my own. I already know the why. Will you trust Me to take care of you? If nothing ever changes. Yes, I have tasted of Your goodness & Your perfect care. Will you still humble yourself? If nothing ever changes. Yes, for only You are worthy to be obeyed without questioning. Will you keep forgiving? If nothing ever changes. Yes, for You have paid once for all. Will you lose hope? If nothing ever changes. No, for You are my living hope. Will you still love Me? If nothing ever changes. Yes, I will obey You because Your grace is sufficient unto me.

Is knowing Me enough? Yes, Lord Jesus—for Your Spirit opened my eyes to the empty cross at Calvary, the empty borrowed tomb & the darkness that once filled me. It was at that moment that I realized that You were alive. I remember You said, “Will you continue to blaze your own trail or will you follow Me?” That was thirty-nine years, five months, & eight days ago today. I said, Yes, my Lord & my God. I will follow You for the rest of the days of my life. And You know how well & how poorly I have believed, trusted, sought, studied, served, honored, obeyed, been humble, forgiven, hoped, & loved. I know there is still a lot of room for growth in all of these areas, & because these are all connected to the work You started in me, they will continue to improve as I submit to your Lordship in me. (A.G.)

Dear Reader, as we approach the start of a new decade, I pray that you remember that there is nothing of any eternal value that we can accomplish without the Spirit of Jesus working through us. Amidst uncertainties in our lives, God alone is our stability. (Isaiah 33:6) He is reliable, 24/7! You needn’t fear a loving Father who asks you questions, to teach you, to draw you to Himself--for your own good & blessing. Please, don’t run away.

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