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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Some days I wake up feeling a little “blah” in my soul. It may be that I’ve overdone it, stretching myself physically past my max. Other times, I’m not looking forward to the responsibilities penciled out on my list. But usually, it’s because I feel spiritually out-of-sync. I try to sit before the Lord first thing every day. Though not always successful, this assuredly is the pattern that benefits me the most. Life is flooded with distractions & if I’m not intentional, my mind easily goes in a different direction. And I get busy.

Today I plunked down in my special chair, feeling the effects of an intense weekend. I remembered other times when the Lord had literally changed my thinking with His word. Once your mind is focused on the truth, emotions generally line up with it. I reflected on a prayer I once penned in an old journal. “Dear Father, my soul is dry as a cork. Please revive my heart, according to Your Word. Teach me what I need to know in this day. Guard my heart & mind in Christ Jesus & direct me into His love. I desire Your vision, Your wisdom, & Your understanding.”

Revive my heart is a reoccurring theme in Psalm 119 & I’ve prayed that phrase for some time. It continues to be my daily need. It always will be. I have no ability to meet my own soul needs. God reminded me, again, why it’s so necessary for me to ingest His Word. I see it as the equivalent to oxygen & water to my mortal body. I don’t believe reading the Bible is intended to be a hit or miss experience, or used like a band aid “as needed,” or only used like a trip to the ER when you’re panicking. Most importantly, it shouldn’t be approached with a legalistic mindset in which you erroneously believe that God owes you something. It IS true that the Bible DOES minister to our hearts in these situations. But the Word should be so-much-more than that, to anyone who has received Jesus Christ into their life. God is in love with you. He already proved that by sacrificing His Son at Calvary. He desires an intimate, all-knowing relationship with you as His child. I can attest to the truth that, when you read His Words, you WILL be changed, supernaturally, by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2) as the Holy Spirit bears witness to the Truth in you. (1 Corinthians 2:11-16) There’s nothing sweeter or more amazing! It’s like a never-ending search of hidden treasures. It gets better & better over time, but there’s always more to find.

According to Psalm 119, here are a few reasons we can benefit from a daily feed in the Word: protection from sin (vs 11), to receive counsel (vs 24), to have answers when reproached (vs 42), for hope & comfort in affliction (vs 49-50), to be REVIVED (vs 25, 37, 40, 50, 88, 93, 107, 149, 154,156, & 159), it produces reverence for God (vs 38), it gives light & understanding (vs 130), God’s Word is pure (vs 140), it gives peace & stops stumbling (vs 165), & last but not least—it is the SUM OF ALL TRUTH (vs 160).

I’ve had quite a few Bibles in my lifetime. My first one was pure white, with a zipper closure & a dangling cross. It was a beautiful gift from my Grandma. But it didn’t do me much good because it was too pretty (in my childish eyes) to use it. As a visual/hands-on learner, I’ve always been a Bible “marker-upper” as I read & study. Some folks frown on this habit but I can’t imagine reading without a pen in hand. My present Bible (NASB Key-Word) is filled with notes of special lessons, underlining & dates to remember. (It even has some accidental coffee stains. 😊) All are testaments to significant, life-changing moments with the Lord. This practice helps me to remember what’s real, right, & unchanging— and how/when specific Truths were applied to my life situations & trials. Most importantly, in a world gone wild with lies & unbelief, God’s Word is my anchor…affirming Who I am, because of Christ’s death & resurrection.


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