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The picture before me was phenomenal! It stirred in me a sense of awe & wonder that left me momentarily speechless in contemplation. Our Creator is truly amazing! I was trying to take in the reality of the details. I wasn’t at an art gallery, viewing photography or personally inspired paintings & drawings. I was in the cardiology office, watching all 4 chambers of my Honey’s heart, pumping beautifully in sync.

The sonographer who was doing the resting ultrasound test, prior to the post-treadmill results, kept repeating herself. “These pictures are wonderful! They’re so good. This is great!” An echocardiogram shows the size, structure, & movement of the heart valves, septum, and walls of the heart chambers. It also shows the movement of the blood through the heart. I found myself staring, almost trance-like, while contemplating the infinite wisdom of the Source of Life. HOW did God think of these details? (I ponder that a lot.) I quietly responded, “That’s just amazing!” It’s not like Steve hadn’t done this test before. But the tech’s enthusiasm caught our attention. After we were finished with the stress test & waited for the doctor, I said, “I’ll NEVER understand how a doctor can know the human body &, then, still choose not to believe in God.”

In that interim period, I had the unction to calculate Steve’s lifetime total heartbeat, based on his present 72 beats/minute. So, I went to my phone calculator app & worked the equation: 72 x 60 (4320 beats per hour) x 24 (103,680 beats/day) x 365 (37,843,200 beats/year) x 62 (2,346,278,400 beats in Steve’s lifetime). Ok, please agree with me that seeing those numbers blows your mind…just a little bit! This number is ever-increasing. Your heart doesn’t take a “breather.” It doesn’t rest. It works every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year that you live. After seeing those 4 rhythmical chambers clearly, & perfectly, in motion, I just shook my head at the tally.

Truly, this is a regularly overlooked detail, in our minds, on any given day. We rarely think about it. Unless a heart stops beating. I live amazed at God’s design, His creativity, & His faithfulness to keep our bodies functioning. We are fearfully & wonderfully made. (Psalm 139: 13-16) That’s something we often take for granted until something malfunctions, acts up, or changes our lives. Then God captures our attention for at least a little while. My brain cannot quite fathom the wonderous miracle of our beating heart, from conception to heaven. We are always one heartbeat away from Home. It’s God’s call as to when that is. (Job 14:5) But in the meantime, can we just pause once-in-a-while, in holy appreciation for the daily care, & physical attention, of our Creator?

Our mortal bodies are a walking textbook in the school of learning to trust. In His infinite love & wisdom, He fashions each one of us for His purposes. (Some folks never accept this first lesson.) If God provides/oversees the unseen requirements for our bodies to keep functioning, how can we doubt His love, care & sacrifice? How, logically, can we not trust Him with everything that concerns us? With the people we love? With the hard places? With unknown outcomes? Honestly, I think it’s probable that we don’t ponder these realities because we have an exaggerated, false sense of control and our importance. The Biblical truth is, we are a vapor. Poof! And we’re gone. (James 4:14) It’s humbling, isn’t it?

I once cross-stitched a mini-sampler that said, “Take time for the little things.” It’s true! Strong relationships & wise decisions are built on a steady accumulation of seemingly insignificant, but truth-based, choices. Each adds, or takes away, to make forever differences. I’m thankful my heavenly Father sees the ALL, of the EVERYTHING that affects & concerns me. In Christ Jesus, He gives me everything I need for life itself, & for godliness. (I Peter 1: 3). The creation of our bodies is His ever-present reminder. <3


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