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Power Of Honor

I am compelled to respond to my wife’s last blog post!

The history of humanism is filled with people seeking honor, power and glory for themselves and protecting others from trying to take it away from them. Others, humbler in their positions of honor, rarely tout their well-earned respect. The first being a group that covers their shame and mistakes with a cloak of homemade honor. The second group applies the truths that Christ covered their shame by way of the Cross, resulting in cloaking themselves with the Life of Christ - humility.

There is power in meekness. The quality of meekness is revealed in the One who is meek - Christ. The indwelt Christian must first embrace their pain, not attempting to control or influence their circumstances. Typical human reaction in their circumstances include frustration, bitterness, or anger. On the other hand, the one who is guided by the Life of Christ from within, accepts all of life’s joys, troubles and events as a way to direct their attention to releasing the Life of Christ through the circumstances (Gal 5:23; Eph 4:2 ; Col 3:12 ; 1 Tim 6:11 ; Titus 3:2 ; James 1:21 ; 3:13 ). Meekness is therefore an active and deliberate acceptance of allowing the meek One demonstrate His humility through them after they embrace their pain, which helps the believer keep their attention on the bigger picture – all things work together for those that are called according to His purpose.

When I read my wife’s last blog post, I was overwhelmed with the reality that I have been given a woman of rarity. Anyone who knows Jane, knows this.

My precious wife has been given a God-sized understanding when it comes to embracing pain. She often speaks of a time after her mother died, while being in a heap on the floor of their home, was asked by the Lord to embrace her pain. As you read in her blogs, you will notice she has a rich ability in Christ to take her sufferings and turn them into treasures of righteousness. As I watch her walk through continuous venues of pain and hardship, reaching in deep, and after listening to Christ, springs forth with a message that touches the lives of others. I live with this woman and I watch and listen to her groaning in Christ. Her lessons don’t come easy, but after she embraces her pain – watch out. The deeper Truths spoken by Christ through her will rock-your-world.

If you wonder what real meekness looks like, get to know my Janie. A genuine meek and humble indwelt believer is only composed and powerful AFTER their actions of embracing their pain. Once this occurs, their Life in Christ cannot be compromised, you don't see an ounce of vengeance or retaliation. What you will end up seeing is a woman like my Janie.

It is a shame that many don’t take the time to know real meek people! I don’t know if it is because of jealousy or that their uncomfortable with knowing they can’t get away with worldly fables. Whatever the reason might be – take time to associate with indwelt believers who are truly meek. I think you will find the same thing I found, their richness of faith will exhort you to live with your God ordained pain.


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