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Jessi here on behalf of my sweet Mooma... Today the Lord woke me with the praise, "Your mercies are new every morning, and great is Your faithfulness!" (Lamentations 3:22-23) Reminding me that though today was a big event to our family, and many who love my Mom, that He is unchanging and His promises remain the same. Right after this, I opened up my curtains and saw His promise in the sunrise (see photo collage), a reminder He is our Living Hope.

We began our journey today by our biological and spiritual family surprising Mom, by wearing shirts with her symbol the Lord gave her when she was diagnosed with cancer. The Anchor of Hope. Not only were her relatives in Kansas able to participate, but also in Missouri, Florida, and Arizona. As the pictures rolled in (see photo collage), so did the tears for my Mooma. She was incredibly blessed by the outpouring of support and love in the shirts and texts from so many who are praying for her. We also surprised her by getting her a matching shirt with Dad, because she loves to match her honey. She will also be able to wear it to her appointment's in the months ahead.

On to the news many of you are waiting for, and that is surgery went "ideal" in the doctors words. Her lymph nodes came back NEGATIVE-what a sweet gift from Jesus!! We will have to await news of her receptors (whether hormone or herto proteins) next week at her follow up appointment. This will be the last test to see if she would need chemotherapy​ in addition to radiation treatment, but right now we are rejoicing the lymph system is clean. The staff said that Mom was a "star patient", and we must say we felt she got "star treatment". We were so blessed by the phenomenal staff and care she is receiving in Hutchinson. We were thankful to be with her in-between all her procedures, and were able to have pictures and prayer time over her before she went into surgery at 12:42 p.m. today. Mooma was a picture of God's peace in a storm, and was ready to greet surgery when they rolled her down the hall. Her words, "present her body as a living sacrifice" as she lay on the operating table. This was her final thought before she was under general anesthesia- thank you Lord!

We cannot possibly thank each of you individually for the love and prayers you've offered our family in this time, but please know our hearts overflow with gratitude towards the body of Christ! It is such a great comfort in this time.

Mama is home now with us, and is doing far greater then I anticipated! I'm sure she'll have some hills to climb, but she is currently recouping quite well. We are all exhausted in many ways, and feel a bit in a surreal dream, but definitely feel upheld in the prayers of the saints!

With Love and Gratitude ♥



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