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Good morning! After a busy week, I wanted to check in one more time before surgery Wed. Today is my last "work" day, hoping to wrap things up so I can fully relax a day. We had to reapply (6 month limitation) for the hospital assistance program. If surgery had taken place in April, I would've received the same 85% discount as Steve's shoulder. Based on a different tax return, we made $2k too much to qualify. Ironic to me since, practically, all resources are pretty much depleted. BUT, because this is a cancer situation, our application will be reviewed by the hospital "Foundation" in July for assistance. Billing agreed to a $1500 payment on Wed & then our account will be on hold until the summer decision. Please pray for God's favor. This does NOT include followup treatment @ the clinic. So we walk by faith, literally, & not by sight. Nothing in our binoculars but Jesus, need by need. ⚓ I was blessed to be prayed over in church. I raised my head to find a woven thread of folks surrounding me, including a dozen + children in the inner circle (some even visitors). Wow! I could've just stayed on that stool for awhile. Thank you for your continuing conduit of prayers. Lord knows I'm needy & HE IS ADEQUATE.


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