Few men's ministries focus on the believer's identity in Jesus - Men Mapping strikes at the heart of a man's identity contained within their Savior.

Phoenix, AZ

Men Mapping Outreach

  • Servants of Christ

  • Husbands

  • Fathers

  • Leaders of their homes

  • Businessmen

  • Servants of the Community



M2 has specific targets in reaching the overall vision and mission statements by helping men discover their identity as:

  • Men of God

  • Men of Integrity

  • Men as Spiritual Warriors

  • Men of Prayer

  • Men of Power

  • Men of Intimacy

  • Men of Freedom

  • Means as Community Changers

  • Men as Ministers



We accomplish our objectives by conducting five primary activities through out the year:

  • Monthly Rallies

  • Transformation Small Groups

  • Leadership Training Classes

  • Community-wide Leadership Seminars

  • Annual Men's Advances-weekend retreat


The Vision of Men Mapping is to target men for the purpose of developing leadership skills that will equip men to be protectors of women, children, their communities and nation.



Men Mapping has a specific mission to disciple men to be more qualified and adequate leaders as: