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Our present generation is deceived into thinking that relationships can be gained through posted knowledge.  The average young person has active social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The more thumbs-up and “likes” they receive from “relational postings” the more friends they are deceived into having.  Their passion to be loved, accepted and heard by readers overrules the dangers of social posting – literally believing network participation is what cements real friendships.  They don’t realize that they are becoming more and more socially backward.

This podcast is designed to provide the learner with an experience that centers upon the integration process of strong Christ as Life worldview when it comes to the topic of understanding Millennials and their children, Generation Z & the Post-Truth Church.


The indwelt Christian will become more established and pronounced in their indwelling Christian faith and become acutely aware of their present culture and how it wars against the Word of God, as well as the presence of Christ Jesus within each student. 


Join others in learning about the Post-Truth Church!

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