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The Exchanged Life Writer's Association is a global association that focuses on writers that have the ability to communicate the principles of "Not I, but Christ."

Exchanged Life Writer's Association

I was so pleased to discover Identity Matters Worldview Institute. As a long-time devotee of Charles R Solomon, I was immediately drawn to the content. I am honored to have my teaching ministry associated with such a theologically deep, Scripturally sound venture. I believe with all my heart that when the body of Christ gets hold of their identity in Christ, everything changes. It has been so in my own life, and I have seen it worked out in thousands of lives. Nothing could please me more than to be part of this team.


It is a privilege to share my heart & ministry with the IM Exchanged Life e-Community. Starting in January, I begin a writing series, Power In The Blood of Christ, which goes hand-in-hand with my book and online course. - Jennifer Kennedy Dean 


When we use the term “exchanged life writer,” we are addressing each and every indwelt Christian who has the desire and ability to communicate the freeing Truths of the identified Life of Jesus - in the format of writing.

The writer needs to be able to clearly communicate the following in all topics and areas of life:

Identity Matters is an experiential embrace, and an understanding, of the believer’s identification with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension - in daily living.  This is what we call the Exchanged Life.  When an individual has a born-again experience by faith, it means the Life of Christ comes and indwells the believer through the personhood of the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Christ Jesus).  The reality of this transformation allows for a true exchange of our old nature, for that of the nature of God through Christ.  In knowing this, we become partakers of all that is true about Christ through His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension.   Now the believer is in a position to appropriate their true identity, in Christ, and begin to live out that he is literally the righteousness of Christ (Galatians 2:20).

Requirements for membership of association:

  • Agreeing to the Identity Matters statement above

  • Agreeing to go through the online version of the Identity Matters Conference: Click Here for details. (must be verified by a graduate certificate from the IOM home office).

  • Agree to read through, and agree, to the 12-Principles of Transformation: Click Here for details.

  • Have read through the Exchanged Life Dictionary of Terms. Click Here

  • Once approved, you agree that this is a partnership-membership, which means, we promote each of our ministries on our social media & website venues. This is not a one-way partnership.

After the above is completed, you may submit the form below to start your interview process of becoming an Exchanged Life writer.


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