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We welcome you to our "What We Offer" service menu. Our list is long but each link is important! The method of linking to our "hidden pages" is simple. Look over the list, when you discover a link that interest you, click on the "Read more" and we will take you to the full web-page that describes that particular outreach service. 


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Explore Christ-as-Life resources in a one-stop shop, featuring pastels by Phinney. 


Check out the Identity Matters Worldview Institute. Identity in Christ is everything!

IM Institute

One of the only online schools providing authentic Christ-as-Life training & development.

IM Online School

Popular blogger, Jane Phinney, is host to a blog focusing on identity in Christ.

My Heart Undressed

IM Blogging is raw, real, and uncut. Read articles & post focused on Truth.

Dr. Phinney's Blog

Living Hope offers encouragement and help to women with cancer.

Living Hope Ministry

Review the 5-ways you can volunteer to help advance the Life of Jesus Christ.

Ways to Volunteer

Discover the terms & definitions used within the Exchanged Life community - simple stuff.

Terms & Definitions

Become a member of the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life.

IFEL Network

This is a great way to get caught up on local & international news.

IOM News

Consider joining the world's largest Christ-as-Life Network - a social network platform.

LinkHim Network

If you have writing skills and you have quality insights into the Life of Christ, consider applying.

Writer's Association

This is a great way to get the latest & greatest news bits, updates & prayers.

IM Texting Service

Join thousands in receiving Christ-as-Life articles & media postings each week.

Weekly Emails

This is a donation-based magazine subscription centered in the believer's identity. 

Exchanged News

Discover the services that IOM America sponsors - giving back a portion given to us.

IM Community

Volunteers Packing Food

Review the list of ministries IOM America advances - each are at the core of our success.

Advancing Others

This study, conference & online course is at the root of what we teach & pay forward.

IM Conference

Discover the numbers of the believer's impact on the world through Gospel visits. 

Global Outreach

#1 Discipling Post-Truth.png

Listen to host, Dr. Phinney, in his series on the Post-Truth church - awakening the lukewarm.

Post-Truth Podcast

This site is dedicated to a host of media, books & articles related to the cultural issues of today.

Culture In Review

Tune into Dr. Phinney's broadcast, Generational Ethics - worldview in review.

Generational Ethics


Book Dr. Phinney, and others, to speak at your event - presenting from a Christ-as-Life focus. 

Book A Speaker

This is an IM Podcast for children. Each story focuses on the indwelling Life of Christ.

Jack The Journey

Review the details in the "how" in becoming an IM Worldview Center.

Worldview Centers

Open Doors.png

Review the partnership page of IOM America & Open Doors - helping the persecuted.

Open Doors

Review the list of IM recommended Exchange Life Ministries & services.

Exchanged Life

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