I learned that I have been rejecting my new identity in Christ and that I still identify myself as the old, sinful man.  I have a choice just as Cain had a choice, a choice that either leads to life or to death.  Sin may be crouching at the door ready to bounce on me but praise God that Jesus is standing at the door longing for me.  He requires my obedience and through this study, I am gaining a better understanding of exactly what that is.

Brett, New York

My Endorsement

February 2019

9:oo am

I was so pleased to discover Identity Matters Worldview Institute. As a long-time devotee of Charles R Solomon, I was immediately drawn to the content. Handbook to Happiness was one of the books that shaped my understanding from the outset of my ministry. I am honored to have my teaching ministry associated with such a theologically deep, scripturally sound venture. I believe with all my heart that when the body of Christ gets hold of their identity in Christ, everything changes. It has been so in my own life, and I have seen it worked out in thousands of lives. Nothing could please me more than to be part of this team.   - Jennifer Kennedy Dean, KY


February 2019

6:oo am

I truly enjoyed the audio.  I am blown away that Jesus in His greatest suffering could utter the words “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  How often I have said or heard others say, “They should know better,”  and to that I say, “Well, if they should know better, they who often times are not Christians, should not we, who are Christians, know better?”  Yet, we, the offended ones, write them, the offender, off—to hell with you!”  Apparently, neither of us knows what we are doing.  This utterance, I think, is probably one of the most powerful utterances from His mouth.  “Forgiveness is huge—everything is leading to this point.”  I couldn’t agree more and everything flows from this point.  Forgiveness is where freedom reigns.  Christ suffered and died for our freedom.  To not forgive puts everyone in prison—offender and offended—or to hell with us both.  - Sharon Lackey, Nevada

Obeying God

February 2019

6:oo am

There are countless reasons why people do not obey God. 47% of those born in 2000 + say that religion is a personal things and one should not share it with others.


Then people use their own theology that they say is better than the Bible, saying God cannot do this or that if He is Love. There are those who preach that all will be saved whatever they believe including Satan and his mob. Others say the Bible is written in code and is not to be taken at face value.


People equate believing the Word of God as nothing but terrorism. So because of all these things even Bible believing Christians become silent. How many times have I been told that I should leave things to the Holy Spirit to do. They mean be silent. There are those that say that the doctrine of Last Days should never be taught. It goes on and on and on with endless reasons for doing nothing and leaving it all to God. How blind and deaf they all are, and even we need to be woken up to the Truth.


Shalom, Pastor John Brumby | Australia

Letter To The President

February 2019

6:10 am

I am a Canadian and wish we had a leader to make Canada great again like Trump. Sorry for the negative emails you received. Blessings to your ministry of Christ living through us and our dependence on Him alone.  - J. Kendall, Canada

Issue of Authority

February 2019

6:33 pm

Excellent letter Dr. Phinney.  Thank you for encouraging and blessing our president!


The issue of authority is central to the word Lord. I first learned it in the US Marines, and I am still learning daily as I submit to our Lord’s indwelling Presence. I have seen how submitting to Him the worldly structures, which are in direct opposition, bow to His will and Presence. 


I bless you brother.  In the mystery of the gospel,  - Armando Gutiérrez 


Testimonies are probably the most powerful expression of the outward pouring of the Life of Christ within the indwelt believer.  It is with great privilege I am able to bless our readers with a few of these stories.  If you are interested in reading more life changing testimonies read more below.

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I have not found a comparable curriculum to the IOM online school! The curriculum is sound biblical teaching grounded in God's Word. I am grateful that the teachers are not afraid to boldly speak out on what God's Word says about subjects deemed "not politically correct". - Rachel, AZ


IOM, specifically Dr. Stephen Phinney, changed Everything. Identity really does matter! It is the purpose of their mission and the one thing I for which I am most thankful. They provided the final piece I was missing. I'm no longer a (dubious) Christ-follower but indwelt by His Spirit. Once you embrace Truth, there's no going back. I will be forever grateful to God for Dr. Phinney and am honored to call him Brother. - Cindy, KS


I learned that I have been rejecting my new identity in Christ and that I still identify myself as the old, sinful man.  I have a choice just as Cain had a choice, a choice that either leads to life or to death.  Sin may be crouching at the door ready to bounce on me but praise God that Jesus is standing at the door longing for me.  He requires my obedience and through this study, I am gaining a better understanding of exactly what that is. – Bret, New York


Through the Exchanged Life teachings that I have received through IOM America, I have come to embrace and truly understand my Identity In Christ and the workings of His life in and through me. I have gained more understanding of how the Indwelling Life of Christ flows through an individual and is released through that individual as a means to touch the dark world around us. Life and Light through Christ are it not given to an Indwelt believer to keep under a basket, but to be shone forth for His Kingdom purposes and for His glory alone.

Through the IOM America ministry and others of their endorsed writers, I have come to better understand the very real and powerful battle between my own flesh and the Spirit of Christ within me. I have been given Biblical tools in understanding how to release this battle to the Lord and allow Him to reveal in my life the victory that He has already won on my behalf.

There is so much that I accredit IOM America Ministry in bringing understanding into my Spiritual life through their teachings of Truth that it would take me pages to share them all. I want to thank Dr. Phinney for his faithful teachings of God's word and for allowing God to speak through himself and the IOM Ministry into my life. I am forever changed. – Deborah, KS

My spiritual walk with Jesus Christ will never be the same after joining a small group led by Dr. Phinney in Phoenix AZ, 2004. I didn’t have a clue when I first came into contact with the Phinney’s magnitude of Gods’ power, grace and mercy as the Lord opened the eyes of my heart toward His truth found in Galatians 2:20. God living His life in me. As my flesh, the old James dies (crucified with Christ) Jesus can live His perfect life through me.

I now have gained Christ’s victory over the enemy in many areas of my life. God specifically and most directly used IOM America to bring about the kind of dependence I now enjoy with our Savior Jesus Christ. – James, IA


There are a few decisions I have made in my life that have been life-changing. The first and most important is becoming an "Indwelt Believer". The second is getting married to my beautiful wife Rachel. The third is my relationship with IOM America. Over the last 30 years, IOM America has been instrumental in supplying the biblical tools to navigate life, marriage, work, and relationships. I remember being told that the Bible is a toolbox, but a toolbox is useless if you don't know how to use the tools. IOM America teaches you how to use the tools. I will always be eternally grateful to IOM America for all they have taught me through the years. – John, AZ


Since I first became acquainted with IOM, I have developed an appreciation for their Biblical honesty and devotion to God's truth. I have come to understand how important their outreach is--not only locally, but nationally and internationally in the areas of evangelizing, teaching, and counseling both youth and adults. Thank you, IOM. May God bless you. – Gale, KS


I am thankful for IOM because they are consistent and faithfully teach the Truth--a rarity in our modern society. They teach, mentor, encourage, and if I allow it, hold me accountable in daily living--that it is not I, but Christ living in me through His indwelt Holy Spirit. – Irma, KS


IOM Zambia is doing fine. Throughout 2019, I have been teaching new believers how to live the exchanged life.  I am using the Identity Matters Workbook to train the disciples in two centers herein Katondo and Kamushanga. These are excellent materials. – Emmanuel, Zambia

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From "Sin Makes You Stupid", by Dr. Phinney | I loved reading these truths this morning and I am going to spend some time here reading and praying.  These, I believe are some of the most important truths that I, as a believer, need and want to grab hold of and within this teaching it answers a question, that though I feel I already had the answer too, I have struggled much with, but it is finally settled for me.  You are so right in saying "we ask for the truth but don't really want it."  And you know why I think that is?  Because once we know the truth we are required to obey it and we just don't want to.


I forwarded this message to my co-worker, one of the sales reps from my work because of a conversation we had at work a couple of days ago.  He came up to my desk to offer me half of his avocado.  I was just getting ready to go into the break room to eat my lunch, so he decided to join me with his lunch, which the sales reps never do. While having lunch, the conversation turned toward God when he mentioned something about 96 million people having "it right" about God so if that many have it right then he could believe it.  Then he said, "after all, all paths lead to the same God."   I was quiet until that point when out of my mouth shot "that is a total lie."  He sat silenced with a humble look on his face, very unusual for him.  I shared what Christ said of Himself, "I am the way, the truth and the Life.  No man comes to the Father but through me."  He then said, "the way and truth were open for interpretation."  "Another lie I said, and the problem with our pluralistic society."  "If every human can take an absolute truth spoken by God and turn it into many truths through one’s own interpretation than it is no longer the truth of God but man’s truth - lie. I then shared what Jesus said about being born-again explaining what that meant.  I asked him if he believed that God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for the sins of the world and that he rose again, and he said yes.  So, I told him that he was right there, so close and that if he believed, he just needed to confess it and invite the Lord into his heart and life telling him that he would then receive the Holy Spirit who would seal his salvation.  I asked him if he had ever read the 4 gospels and he said no but mentioned someone had suggested it before.  He asked me to text him a reminder and so I did, suggesting the book of John since that is where I took the scriptures from.  He also thanked me and said he thought it was worth looking into. 


I mentioned to him that upon salvation it was important to learn who he now is in Christ and what that means sharing that Christ wants to live His life through his and I told him a bit about you and IOMAmerica.


That, my dear brother, was a first for me.  I am so very grateful to you for the powerful truth-packed teachings you faithfully and tirelessly share.  Even if it's to an audience of one it so very worth it. 


I wanted to share this with you not to boast because I know I had absolutely nothing to do but to encourage my brother, friend and teacher. Sharon, Nevada

Dr. Phinney is gifted in his ability to see through the disguises the enemy puts before the believer.  In Christ, he truly gets to the heart of the matter in people’s lives. A true prophet of the 21st century.  Angie Brooks, Phoenix, Arizona


Like Paul, who witnessed Christ to the world during Christianity’s formative years, Steve Phinney is gifted writer and a student of God’s Word.  He presents Biblical Truth with a clarity and passion sculpted from his personal trials and the blessings born through those trials.  Gale Ethridge, Glasco, Kansas


I am always amazed by Dr. Steve’s Biblical insights into the expanse of the Scriptures – by that I mean, he has dedicate his life to the written Word of God.  Pastor Bruce Carter (DOS), Atlanta, Georgia


I have the honor of being discipled under Dr. Phinney for approximately 5 years.  His writings and sermons on Spiritual maturity, Biblical worldview and identity in Christ have deeply enriched my life.  His submission to the Spirit regardless of the circumstance, is an inspiration to me and my family.  Robert Cornelius, Orlando, Florida


Steve is the type of writer who is always consistent in what he does.  Everything he says is directional and with purpose, to draw out Christ in the lives of the believer.  Patrick William, Sterling, Kansas


With my Dad’s writings, you never have to fear lukewarm teachings.  You will receive a bold message of your inadequacy apart from Christ.  No matter the subject, he clearly spells out co-crucifixion is the pathway to freedom from living in bondage to our crucified old man.  What blessed assurance that as an indwelt believer we don’t have to strive, but allow His Spirit to release His work in and through us.  Jess Phinney, Sterling, Kansas


The Life of Christ in Steve's life is the real deal.  I am so blessed to know him personally and learn from him.  I can't count the number of times I mention my friend Steve Phinney, CEO, of IOM America, then proceed to explain the ministry, books, website, etc. & "how it can help you in your spiritual walk, my friend."  Another great Christian teacher, Dr. Del Tackett, of whom I have great respect starts his class with, "Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?" Dr. Steve Phinney BELIEVES IT and PRACTICES IT!!  Wendell Smock, Glendale, Arizona


Steve provides profound insight into the historical perspective of our Lord’s Word and how it applies to the current and future times.  His use of Hebrew imagery allows the reader to form a vivid and lasting image that is rarely seen in today’s writings.  - Jeff Brugman, Scottsdale, Arizona


Dr. Phinney is not just a gifted writer and teacher, he is my, and many others, spiritual father.  My life has been altered by his willingness to write and live the Truth of the Scriptures – uncompromised.  The Spirit breathed wisdom he shares has come through much pain and trial – as this book will unfold.  I pray that his writing is used to bring you freedom and renewed understanding of how God views you, as it has me.  Kris Cornelius, Orlando, Florida


Dr. Phinney is a genius, as far as his writings, even the common man can get it.  Everything is easy to follow and interpret.  I enjoy his workbook (Identity Matters) and his work as a counselor and discipler in my life.  Corey S. Snow, Alden, Kansas


Dr. Phinney’s writings are more than Truth to me, he is my spiritual father.  Is ability to communicate the Word is one thing but the love of Christ that shines through his work is what impacts me the most.  Just by hearing his sermons and reading his writings you can see Christ flow through him.  I know as an indwelt believer, it is not him but Christ.  Marcos Jaquez, Hutchinson, Kansas


Dr. Phinney’s writings are applicable, Biblical, and speaks powerfully to one who truly wants to live the indwelt Christian life in victory and freedom.  Donna Kratz, Arizona


Dr. Stephen Phinney clearly articulates the Life of Christ within the indwelt believer and keeps that focus in all of his teachings.  He uses humor to engage his readers, while challenging them through Scriptures to consider a different perspective on living out the Life of Christ within.  Loyda Leone, Kansas


When I learned that my friend in Christ was writing a heavily autobiographical book, I jumped for joy!  Having been connected with Mr. Colson and Prison Fellowship for many years, I have loved jailhouse transformation stories produced by the wonderful Grace of Jesus in the lives of the down and out, from ruin to redemption!  But there is something even more special to me about a man who simply changes from being a mere man - and a darned good one - to being a more man, a Grace-based, Grace-filled, Grace-teaching, Grace-preaching light on a hill kind of man, who cannot remain silent!  Not that Steve was perfect before being made a brand new creature in Christ Jesus, but what really matters to me is being able to read how one goes from frustration to total forgiveness and freedom today, and from redemption to abundant victory by Grace alone through faith in Christ in Him every day!  "Christ as Life" is my buddy's motto, and I am truly grateful to Abba for his Life in the Lord!    Dan Camp, China


Our relationship with Steve & Jane Phinney encompasses the deepest of friendships spanning almost 40 years.  It certainly included our parallel patterns of marriage, raising our families, vacations together, & incredibly wonderful times of laughter & joy.  For me, however, Steve was so much more.  As an impactful role model, teacher & prayer warrior, I watched, listened & learned.  I matured in my Christian walk.  For Steve, every struggle or challenge would become an opportunity to pray for God’s Provision.  As a strategic visionary, I saw God reflected thru him, as many Kingdom ventures took shape & developed as the years progressed.  In the depth of his knowledge & instruction, I was never left confused or intimidated in my curiosity.  In fact, I was lovingly introduced to Biblical truths much deeper than what I would have imagined.  Steve’s ability to bring clarity to the Word, structuring his messages with testimony & instructional diagrams, left me longing for the next encounter.  This pattern of discernment & unfolding revelation continued thru out the decades.  I have been honored to walk alongside with him & am excited that he is now sharing his journey for us all.  It is to God that I give all the praise, for this humble & faithful servant.  Art Smit, Illinois


Since Dr. Phinney is an astute student of the exchanged life and the importance of the current impetus in the developing Reformation, it is fitting that he be used of God to chronicle and interpret events of the past half century.  God has been quietly bringing to pass, without fanfare, revival in individual lives.


As these events unfold, it is fitting that a servant of God interpret them to those not presently near the eye of the brewing storm!  It is also noteworthy that Dr. Phinney is a product of the early waves of teaching, dating back to 1979 in Denver, Colorado, the site God chose to place the roots of the modern Reformation movement.


From that perspective, Dr. Phinney‘s involvement is not as a spectator, but is an involved participant in a significant movement of God in Church history.  It is my prayer that the interpretation permitted by his being ‘on the ground’, as the events unfolded, will allow those in a spectator role to awaken to the significance of current events as they relate to Church history.  Dr. Charles R. Solomon, Tenn


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