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We welcome Pastor Shadrack Ekai to the IOM team.  Shadrack serves as the Director of the North, Kenya Identity Matters Worldview Center Coordinator.

Pastor Shadrack Ekai | IOM IMWC Director | North, Kenya

Allow Me To Introduce To You

Pastor Shadrack Ekai of North,  Kenya

 Director Henry Otieno & I have had the honor and privilege of training Shadrack and his people of Turkana, resulting in many salvation's.   Shadrack, without question, has become one of our faithful students.  Spiritual legacy is everything when it comes to advancing the Kingdom of God.  I personally thank Henry for his willingness to travel to this remote part of Kenya to conduct the Identity Matters Conference.  It is my honor to serve the people of Turkana through Director Shadrack.

Dr. Phinney



This was a great study, one of which I believe requires more of my time and attention.  First I want to thank you for sharing your own struggle with fear.  I found it encouraging to learn about where you were and where you are now.  I am a very fearful person.  I also had to chuckle when you shared that Handbook to Happiness was the first book you read in it's entirety as it was for me as well.  Lastly, I started to read the In's and Outs of Rejection but stopped and no longer have it.  I liked how you were encouraged to read it - by paragraph, prayer and study of the scriptures, so I am thinking of doing the same.

I live in arid and semi land, where there is no water and sanitation, no food security, no education, no school. I normally walk 150 kilometers (93 miles) by foot  away in the morning to evening trying to reach them with word of God on outreach missions and evangelism that is the key thematic areas. The motorbike is needed to this area. I learn about the rejection, forgiveness requires blood, and identity matters. Turkana people were blessed, uplifted their sins to Jesus Christ and received the great exchange of salvation. They were very gladsome with IOM and they promised to keep the good walk of faith. We  depend on relief food, eat one meal a day, children do not attend school due to famine and starvation. It is only the word of God that I reach them that started giving them hope but they look pity to me , and they ask themselves by saying how does this Servant of God survive? The Holy Spirit of God revealed it to me that these people are talking against me but I knew they were not talking badly to me. I have passion to help them but due to lack of humanity capital.

I learned that I have been rejecting my new identity in Christ and that I still identify myself as the old, sinful man I have a choice just as Cain had a choice, a choice that either leads to life or to death. Sin may be crouching at the door ready to bounce on me but praise God that Jesus is standing at the door longing for me. He requires my obedience, transparency and accountability, patience, and through this study of rejection, seeking forgiveness and identity matters I am gaining a better understanding of exactly what that is. Before this study I wondered if my problem stemmed from laziness which I already knew to be a sin but the others I think I thought more of a weakness or personality traits that I inherited but now I see what I inherited is nothing more sin.

Thanks and God bless you abundantly.

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I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Shadrack to our in-staff-process.   We are excited that he has accepted our offer to become the Director of the North, Kenya Identity Matters Worldview Center and has agreed to the guidelines of raising personal support for this position.  I trust that you are mutually excited about his new missionary position with IOM America. Please consider making use of the donation link below to support his new position with IOM.

Pastor Ekai has an immediate need of a motorcycle for his daily missions.

Pastor Shadrack Ekai


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