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Until the spring of 2020, we will be focusing our online topics on the Abiding Life in Christ. This will encompass email articles, global texting, social network postings, podcasts, and broadcast shows. We will be featuring authors such as Dr. Woodward, Dr. Charles Solomon, Lee LeFebre, Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Jane M. Phinney, Dr. James Fowler, myself, and a host of others.   -Dr. Stephen R. Phinney | Chancellor | Visit Bio Page

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We recognize how difficult it can be to communicate the vision, mission & purpose of a dynamic resource.  How does one go about promoting the equipping process of the indwelling Life of Christ? The answer, it is detailed in this brochure. This resource is designed to download, print, fold & hand-out to interested individuals, churches & ministries.  Download Here

Happy Birthday Dr. Solomon>>>



Testimony Of The Abiding Life in Christ

Thank you for standing with me. Before I met you, I was a man full of bitterness. I was filled with grudges. I have been resentful towards all those who killed my father, brother, sisters, and others. These circumstances left my mother & I in poverty and pain.

After you took me through the Identity Matters learning, and now through the online courses, I have discovered repentance and forgiveness. I have forgiven and released all of them, along with my landlord for his recent actions of hurting my family.

I am now a changed man. I have learned a lot about the Truth of Jesus through our discipleship and studies. May the Lord bless you for the good you have done for me, my family and our church. Thank you for your continuous prayers. I love you, my dear mentor.

Your Son, Joseph Natembeya | Kenya


We certainly don’t base our success on numbers BUT numbers tell us how many are given the opportunity to read, listen, and view our Identity Matters content = more open doors to others understanding their identity in Christ. Here is what our fiscal year offered:

  • I just received a report from the host of our online broadcast and podcast providers. We presently have 41,957 listeners (2,132 through our app). Even though this is great news, we are hoping to hit 50,000 by the end of 2019. We ask for prayer concerning this. I am compelled to reach the greatest number for Christ.


  • Our annual report for our email service is a bit mind-bending. From June 2018 to June 2019, at 98,000 recipients per month, our annual outreach is around 1.7 million - 200,000 more than the year before. This does not count the forwards and social postings. Our LinkedIn network has grown to 6,807 members - in total, the collective group receives our emails at the tune of 81,684 emails per month. Twitter, on the other hand, we only had 1,892 re-tweets this past year. Gotta work on that challenge. On the brighter side of Twitter, President Trump re-tweeted one of our tweets last month.  


  • Jack the Journey. We have produced to date, 113 story-time podcasts for children – all focused on Jack’s journey to the indwelling life in Christ. Check them out (here).

THE ABIDING LIFE SERIES: Until the spring of 2020, we will be focusing our online topics on the Abiding Life in Christ. This will encompass email articles, global texting, social network postings, podcasts, and broadcast shows. We will be featuring authors such as Dr. Woodward, Dr. Charles Solomon, Lee LeFebre, Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Jane M. Phinney, Dr. James Fowler, Dr. Stephen Phinney, and a host of others. 

IOM BLOGS: Starting in 2020, we will be hosting and sponsoring new blog writers. This new venue will help us get the message of the Cross out to the world without these writers waiting for a “spot” in our weekly emails. “My Heart Undressed” by Jane Phinney continues to be our most read blog worldwide. Her personal entries, carefully integrated into the indwelling Life of Christ, touch our readership with writings that are real and straight from the heart.   

IM LIBRARIES: We have launched our new libraries on the www.WorldviewInstitute.center site. Throughout 2020, we will be adding a plethora of sermon notes, articles, publications, video, and audio productions. We are working to get all our content in two locations – IM audio/video & written publication libraries. Our podcast channel (www. iomamerica.sermon.net/main) has also been updated and revised. It is now populated with many worldview teachers – Dr. Jeff Myers, J. Warner Wallace, Sean McDowell and a host of others. Enjoy what we have – it’s free.  IM Audio/Video Library Here  |  IM Publication Library Here 


IOM PHOENIX: Director John Hickey is nothing short of being my right-hand for the Southwest Region. We are blessed by his work in preaching, teaching and discipling individuals through the Identity Matters Worldview Institute, particularly the Identity Matters workbook materials. We are eternally grateful for him and his wife Rachel for all their investment in the Lord’s work.


Read The Full Report Here


Our Biggest Challenge Of The Month:


Even though we function on a “shoestring” budget, the cost of accomplishing the above ministry is more significant than the donations we receive. First, we request your prayers. Secondly, we encourage you to assist us financially as the Lord leads. We are beyond excited how the Lord touches lives through our offline and online outreach. Many weeks, we have testimonies that "roll-in" on a daily basis. Readers like you make this possible. Thank you!



Always Remember Our motto, “Equipping Generations Through The Mind of Christ.” This motto offers our motive and standard of excellence. The entire IM Team will work closely and productively to “raise the bar” to His measurement of excellence in all that we do. Together we will excel in the years to come. We look forward to serving you along the way.


Our success is His success manifested through us!



DRC CONGO OUTREACH: IOM Representative Stephan has suffered the extreme loss of workers this past year. Our church center there has been under attack by rebels’ multiple times, resulting in the slaughtering of many workers. Just this past month, 90 additional brothers and sisters were poisoned at an event hosted by our center, 20 of them being our workers. Even though Stephan has opened 12 new Identity Matters Centers in 2019 alone, he is tired and wavering a bit in his mission. Please pray for him, his people and the family members associated with those that have died. The price of Abiding Life in Christ is high in Muslim dominated countries.

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Consider Helping Us Financially Fund The Identity Matters Worldview Institute

Consider Helping Us Financially

Each of our services places a financial burden on the host ministry - IOM America. Our annual budget to maintain the functionality of our expansive outreach for 2020 is $172,352. This does not include the projected cost of building our onsite campus architectural vision. Needless to say, we need monthly, or single-donation contributions.