IOM works daily to keep ministry simple and low cost by making use of volunteers from around the world.  We understand the downward trends of donors and God's people struggling to stabilize and secure the salaries of ministries with multiple staff members.  This is why we need our volunteers, their gifts and skills that our Lord has imparted to them.  Below is a list of our active contract-based volunteer staff members & at the bottom of this page you will find a link to the full list of volunteers that contribute to specific projects.

Featured Team Member | Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Founder | Praying Life Foundation

I was so pleased to discover Identity Matters Worldview Institute. As a long-time devotee of Charles R Solomon, I was immediately drawn to the content. I am honored to have my teaching ministry associated with such a theologically deep, Scripturally sound venture. I believe with all my heart that when the body of Christ gets hold of their identity in Christ, everything changes. It has been so in my own life, and I have seen it worked out in thousands of lives. Nothing could please me more than to be part of this team.


It is a privilege to share my heart & ministry with the IM Exchanged Life e-Community. Starting in January, I begin a writing series, Power In The Blood of Christ, which goes hand-in-hand with my book and online course. - Jennifer   Check Out Her Course Work

Dr. Charles Solomon

Mentor | Honorary Board of Regents

Dr. Solomon is one of the key writers for the Exchanging Life Writing Team, a life-long mentor to Dr. Phinney & considered by most Exchanged Life ministers as the "father of the Exchanged Life for this generation."   He serves as Founder & President Emeritus of Grace Fellowship International - a ministry Dr. Phinney honorably supports.    Solomon's Books

Shannon Bartlett

IOM Executive Board of Regents 

Shannon is an IOM Executive Officer, Elder for the international church plants of Heartland Family Fellowships (XL-Churches) & Executor to IOM America and Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Phinney.  Shannon,  his wife & eight children reside in Sterling, Kansas.  He is one of Dr. Phinney's trusted and faithful spiritual sons.  He is a dedicated and faithful servant of the Lord who has a clear understanding of the mission and purpose of the Exchanging Life of Christ.   

Noah Othieno

Board of Regents| Identity Matters Worldview National Director | Uganda

Noah is another progressive young man who diligently serves our ministry tirelessly.  His ability to network and provide opportunities for the Ugandans is a major blessing to IOM.  He too serves on the Identity Matters Worldview Institute's Student Board of Regents.  It is a great honor to have him on our staff.     

Dr. James Fowler

IOM Staff Writer & Honorary Board of Regents

Jim is probably the most popular writer within the Exchanging Life Writing Team & certainly one of our key Ministry Theologians.  He and his wife reside in California.  Jim is a theological mentor to Dr. Phinney and is considered one of the world leaders in the topic of "Christ in You."   Learn More   

Information about the Fowler Bible Collection

Dr. James A. Fowler began to collect Bibles when he purchased a facsimile of the Codex Vaticanus B around the turn of the century. It soon became his passion to develop a collection that demonstrated "The History of the Christian Scriptures." The collection has grown to over 1000 Bibles documenting the development of the scriptures from the Dead Sea Scrolls, through various Hebrew texts, papyri and vellum Greek texts, Latin manuscript texts and Gutenberg's first printed Vulgate Bible, numerous early European bibles, and representations of all the early English bibles up to the modern twenty-first century English translations. The collection also includes a one-third size wooden printing press that demonstrates how early Bibles were printed, as well as an extensive array of replica archaeological artifacts that have biblical significance. The exhibit is self-explanatory with standing info cards that explain all of the major items... Read More

Jess Phinney

Executive Assistant

Jess is the Executive Assistant to the Founder.  Her management skills and gifting are perfect for a demanding job.  Outside of her management responsibilities, the ministry is blessed to have her as an excellent mentor of women, mentor, blogger, and ministry hostess. 

Jane Phinney

Personal Assistant | Editor | Writer

Jane is not only the wife and faithful companion of the founder, she contributes to the ministry through working with the editorial department, assisting with event planning & provides oversight for the outsourced accounting firm.  Jane is the mother of their three children (Abigail, Elizabeth & Jessica + eight adopted children: Shannon, Deborah, Kristine, Rob, JJ, Kris, Brandon & Crystal).  She is the grandmother to nine natural & fifteen adopted grandchildren - making a total of 24 grand babies that call her Oma.  

John Hickey

Southwest Identity Matters Worldview Coordinator | Staff

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome John to our in-staff-process.   We are excited that he has accepted our offer to become the Director of the Phoenix Identity Matters Worldview Center and has agreed to the guidelines of raising personal support for this position.  I trust that you are mutually excited about his new missionary position with IOM America.  John serves on the Identity Matters Worldview Institute's Student Board of Regents.

Dr. John Woodward

Friend/Mentor | Writer & Ministry Theologian

John is a writer for the Exchanging Life Writing Team & a key theologian for the ministry.  He and his wife reside in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.  He is the Executive Director of the "mother company" of IOM America - Grace Fellowship International.  Not only is John one of Dr. Phinney's closest friends, Steve considers him to be one of the leading theologians today that has a clear and Biblical view on the trinity of man.     Learn More

Sharon Lackey

IOM Contributing Content & Transcribing Editor

Sharon Lackey (Henderson, Nevada) is a contributing content and transcribing editor for IOM America. Sharon has a passion for serving and helping others and currently serves with Calvary Chapel Green Valley Christian School in child supervision.  Sharon’s professional skills in accounting were put on hold in 2014 for a short term in order to study under Dr Phinney and IOM America. Her desire is to continue in these studies, serve with IOM America and share what she has learned with others. 



Our ministry has been blessed with many volunteer Identity Matters Worldview Center Directors.  Advancing the Exchanged Life Global Initiative, which has provided the ministry with a proactive pro-vision, revitalize a Christ-as-Life Worldview in uniting Exchanged Life workers worldwide.  Our efforts strongly hinge on the IFEL, International Fellowship of Exchanged Life: an e-community that will continue to provide Exchanged Life workers throughout the world with a single online community & training. Check Out How We Do This