Changing Life In Christ Ministries is an outreach of IOM America and the Identity Matters Worldview Institute. I would be honored to chat with you... - Director Joseph


It is a blessing to introduce to you IOM America's Kenya International Office. Director Natembeya leads our work in advancing the indwelling Life of Christ through pastoring an Identity Matters Fellowship, leading our national Kenya training center & IM Worldview online school portal. Joseph also serves as an IOM Board Member in International Affairs.


I was born August 8, 1985, in Chwele, Bungoma County -Western Kenya. I am the fourth born child of the late Samuel Natembeya Nyongesa and Nafula Natembeya. My father was a farmer and my mother a housewife.


I went To Katira Primary School where I studied for a Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Once completing my Primary Education, I

attended the Friends School Namilama High School in Bungoma-Kenya, where I completed my A-Levels. After completing my Secondary Education, at the time, I was not able to join any college to advance my Education. In 2006 I received a job at the British American Tobacco (BAT) as a salesman. I resigned this position due to Christian convictions. Not long afterward, I received a teaching position at St.John's Siloba Secondary School. This advanced me to a position at St.Patrick's Kimukung’i Girls High School until 2008. It was during my position at Nairobi Aviation College I undertook a certificate in Computer Studies. I continued to advance my education in obtaining a certificate in Theology & Bible Studies at Oilfield College. I also received a certificate in Pastoral Care at  Bernardo School of Theology.


Currently, I am enrolled in IOM America’s Identity Matters Worldview Institute. It is my hope to receive a certificate in Advanced Discipleship & International Leadership. Presently, I am doing full-time ministry. I serve as a pastor, teacher and Founder of The Changing Life In Christ Ministries, an outreach of IOM America. I also serve on the Board of IOM America as their representative of International Affairs. It is my passion to minister to the Body of Christ globally, teaching each indwelt Christian the Truth of God’s Word.


  • Provide leadership for IOM America within the country of Kenya

  • Establish a national office for IOM Corporate

  • To ultimately provide an onsite institute for the Identity Matters Worldview Institute

  • We deliver one-on-one Christ-as-Life discipleship

  • We provide a local Identity Matters Fellowship

  • Providing a local portal for students enrolled in the IM Worldview Online School

  • Conduct Identity Matters Conferences and Seminars

Contact Information | Director Joseph Natembeya, P.O Box 50-50200, Bungoma, Kenya | 

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