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About Ministry

Learn about the full scope of our ministry - vision, mission & purpose  in one location. 

The Team

Get to know the IOM Ministry Team - their skills, spiritual gifts & ministry outreach.

Private Journal

Dr. Phinney posts most of his private journal entires online. This is a guest area service.

What We Offer

Check out the full list of what our ministry offers to online visitors & memberes.

IOM Challenge

This page provides a step-by-step challenge in how to engage in our ministry.

IM Bookstore

Our bookstore itemizes an extensive list of Christ-as-Life books from multiple authors.

Inphinnity Web

This site details IOM's services of building websites for ministries & small businesses.

Visual Concepts

IOM offers contracting services in designing visual graphics for ministries & churches.

Inphinnity Art

The founder is a pastel expressionist. His work depicts the pathway of Christ.

Victoria's Art

This founder's granddaughter has followed the footsteps in art expressions of Christ.

IOM Overview

This site quickly details an overview of IOM America & Identity Matters Institute.

Ministry News

Get the latest news on the Exchanged Life community - stories, events & news.

LinkHim Network

Review the details and requirements of becoming a LinkHim member.


Learn how to become an IOM volunteer worker - leadership, tech skills & other.

IM Dictionary

Understanding terms & definitions are important. Check out the dictionary site.

IFEL Membership

Join the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life - networking globally.

IOM Writers

Review the requirements of becoming an IOM contributing writer & blogger.

Texting Services

Become a member of the "Text To Prayer" service - receiving weekly updates & offers.

Email Services

The ministry provides weekly emails of articles, media, books & links to ministries.


Sign-up for the Exchanging Life Mini-Magazine - delivered to your inbox without charge.

Book Speaker

Book an IOM speaker - sermons, lectures, special events, training & conferences.

Founder Bio

Learn about the Founder's life, mission, vision, skills & spiritual gifting. Link to autobiography.

Dr. Fowler Bio

Dr. James Fowler is the ministry's theologian. Founder of Christ In You Ministries.

Worldview News

Read the latest, updated twice a day, worldview news - covering politics, church & life.

IOM Events

When IOM is offering events, this is the place to sign-up - special events posted regularly.


Review the itemized outreach services of IOM America & Identity Matters Worldview.

Giving Back

Discover the list of ministries IOM America gives financial resources and assistance.


Review the full list of ministries & organizations IOM advances through partnerships.

IM Podcast

Review 800+ podcast episodes depicting the believer's identity in Christ Jesus.


Discover the list of Generational Ethics Radio Broadcast in 15-minute segments.

IM Conference

Twelve power packed messages assisting the believer in embracing their identity.

Living Hope

Review the outreach service of Living Hope - cancer victum assistance for women.

Heart Undressed

Visit Jane Phinney's blog posting site. It is raw, real & straight from the heart.


Visit our donation page overview. This site contains the full descriptive of how to give.

Donation Ports

This site contains a list of portals available for donations to staff and other funds.


Review the full list of resources IOM America& Identity Matters Worldview  Institute offers.

Other Resources

This page contains an overview of each of our resources & opportunities for involvement.

Book of Week

Review the top book recommendations offered by the IM Bookstore.


Top doctrinal prayers written by the Founder of IOM America - excerpts from his book.


Review the 80+ worship videos produced by IM Media Productions.

IM YouTube

Review 100+ media videos produced by IM Media Productions - IM Media Bites.

Jack Stories

Jack the Journey is an online children's podcast. Each episode focuses on identity.

Identity Tract

Discover one of the leading tracts depicting the believer's identity in Christ Jesus.


This is our resource page for our Pictorial Hebrew resources & picture references.


Register for online discipleship and/or counseling. This site reveals the requirements.


Read the stories of changed lives. Learn how the IM Conference impacts lives.


Send us your feedback on site functionality, article feedback & other related content sharing.


Review our global inititive. Learn more about how we reach the world for Christ.

IFEL Inititive

This page presents an overview of the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life initiative. 


IOM America is active in the protection of Christians worldwide. Review how.

IM e-Books

Check out our list of eBooks by Dr. James Fowler & Dr. Stephen Phinney. Review now.


Read the stories of changed lives, testimonies & ways people are transformed.


This page is host to IOM America's doctrinal statements & beliefs. Key page.

Dr. Solomon

This is the bio page of Dr. Charles R. Solomon - ministry mentor of IOM's Founder.


One of our primary missions is to the continent of Africa. Learn more about our outreach.


Another one of our primary outreach services is to Kenya. Meet our Director.

IM Productions

Visit our Identity Matters Media Productions website. Learn how to hire us out!

Kick Start

Find out more how to kick-start your involvement in our ministry venues.

Web Design

Our ministry has a "tent making" outreach to help design websites for non-profits.

Coming Soon

Be watching for more IOM links to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ & His people.

visit identity matters worldview institute website

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