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We welcome Pastor Stephan Makopo to the IOM team.  Stephan serves as the Director of the Congo Identity Matters Worldview Center Coordinator.

Pastor Stephan Makopo | IOM REPRESENTATIVE | DRC, Congo

Allow Me To Introduce To You

Pastor Stephan Makopo of DRC, Congo

I have had the honor and privilege of training Stephan, and his people, of Lubumbashi, Congo, in Congolian French.  Stephan has become one of our faithful students and workers within the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo).  His passion and commitment in advancing the believer's identity in Christ is refreshing.  I call him my son!  It is my honor to serve the people of Congo through Director Stephan.

Dr. Phinney



I greet you in the name of lord Jesus Christ (translated from French to English), 

I Live Lubumbashi in central Africa my country is; Democratic Republic of Congo.  The name of our ministry it Crown Evangelical church and I'm senior pastor or Pastor in charge.


Why I'm interested in working with IOM America is because Christ is in central in all things your are doing and IOM bring people in best level with Jesus Christ and it so nice.


God take me from bad life!  I was boy who was used by sex-trafficking in spot of going in high level of prostitution and I did destroy life of 166 women and remove pregnancy - I did kill 39 CHILDREN but Christ take me away from this shame when my father died but it was the beginning of new Life, I became  born again in 1988.  I now praise GOD.


God used me as teacher to do work of GOD and healing in all forms.  I am blessed to graduate from Identity Matters training and now director.   This is what I needed in Christ to be in center of our IOM work.  I now am passionate to honor Christ in all things and respect for new leadership.   


Your Son - Stephan Makopo

 Pastor Stephan Makopo Needs Your Prayer & Financial Support

Pastor Makopo is another victorious story of God using all things for the good.  His life in sex-trafficking to the indwelling Life of Christ is nothing short of a miracle.   Forced prostitution in Central Africa is out of control - for men & women.  It is a $32 billion annual industry, modern day trafficking is a type of slavery that involves the transport or trade of people for the purpose of work or prostitution.  According to the U.N., about 2.5 million people around the world are ensnared in the web of human trafficking at any given time.

Human trafficking impacts people of all backgrounds, and people are trafficked for a variety of purposes. Men are often trafficked into hard labor jobs, while children are trafficked into labor positions in textile, agriculture and fishing industries. Women, girls & young men are typically trafficked into the commercial sex industry, i.e. prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation.

Not all slaves are trafficked, but all trafficking victims are victims of slavery. Human trafficking is a particularly cruel type of slavery because it removes the victim from all that is familiar to her/him, rendering them completely isolated and alone, often unable to speak the language of her captors or fellow victims.


Stephan and IOM have a mission to reach these discarded souls, giving them hope for a new life in Christ and train them in their new found identity in Christ.  And more significantly, release them to minister to other victums of this demonic movement.     

Consider helping Stephan and IOM America in this mission.

Pastor Stephan Makopo


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