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Inphinnity Web & Media Design is an outreach of IOM America. All “profits” go directly toward supporting the corporate ministries of IOM America and the Identity Matters Worldview Institute. These funds are used to meet salary, world missions & volunteer training needs.


Service Package Content Summary

  • Inphinnity / Wix Development Only

  • Hosting Services and Domain name registration

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Technical Support

  • Payment for services


Cost Summary

  • Hosting and Domain – Wix $120+ Annually | eCommerce $204 Annually

  • Free Hosting (Wix Ads Included)

  • Web Design – Standard Rate $10,000 | Inphinnity $1,200

  • Web Development – Standard Rate $8,000 | Inphinnity $995.00

  • Search Engine Optimization – Standard Rate $5,000 | $200.00

  • Personalized Video Production – Standard Rate $150/hour | Inphinnity $65

  • Technical Support – 2 months Free Technical Support

  • Total Development Cost – Standard $23,000 | Inphinnity $2,395* + Video Production




*The financial agreement includes 50% of the total cost paid at the point of the established contract. The remainder of the cost is to be paid upon completion of the project.


Technical Details


  1. Hosting and Domain name services


  • Domain name registration and hosting services for 1 whole year. Cost is dependent on Wix.com hosting services Wix $120+ Annually | eCommerce $240. This is renewable on a yearly basis. Wix uses the best architecture and web technology to host all of our developed websites.


  • We will register a domain name for you, set up the server needed to host your Company/Ministry/Personal site and create the initial website specific email you wish for your company ( example: you@yourdomain.com ).


Here are some technical details about the hosting server we use:


  • Operating System – HTML

  • Server/Database Info – Wix

  • Webmail Support – YES

  • POP3/SMTP Support – YES

  • Unlimited Email Account Creation – YES

  • Social Media Support –YES

  • Unlimited Sub Domain creation‐ YES

  • Monthly Bandwidth / Data Transfer – From 1GB to Unlimited

  • Server Disk Space Allocation – from 3GB to 20GB

  • Website Control Panel – YES

  • Multimedia Support – YES

  • Non-IT Maintenance (self-maintenance) - YES

  • Connect your own domain - YES

  • Remove Wix Ads – YES (Annual Plans Only)

  • Video & Media Upload - YES

  • Get Wix vouchers and Premium Apps - YES (yearly plans only)

  • Web Statistics – YES


2. Website Design


- Inphinnity Website Design cost (see above quotes). Web design service package includes the following technical services:


  • Artistic Design and Website layout

  • Personalized Video Production (see above quotes)

  • Corporate/Ministry/Personal logo design

  • Creation of Web Graphics, Page Backgrounds or website skins.

  • Optimization of graphics to ensure a fast loading web page.

  • Edit, cropping, modification or adjustment of images needed.

  • Ensure the usability and credibility of web pages.

  • Coding of HTML / XHTML structure of your website and ensure it follows the latest web standards, looks professional and modern.

  • Coding the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) of your website pages.

  • Wix encoding of all your initial page contents.

  • Creating the Navigation Menu and all the initial website pages you need for your website.


3.Website Development


-  Website Development Cost (see above quotes). We will develop the specific functionality and features you needed for your website. Below are some website functionality and features that we will integrate to your website:


  • Resume File uploads

  • Access Control Restriction

  • User Role ( Admin, Client, Member or Employee ) creation

  • Website Administration Area

  • User Login

  • Content Management ( add/edit/delete contents )

  • User Management ( add/edit/delete users )

  • Contact Forms

  • Form Development ( App charges apply )

  • Captcha for spam prevention

  • User accounts

  • User Profile

  • Site Search Engine

  • Site RSS Feeds


- If there’s any needed functionality you need for the website, you can inform us, and we will integrate and develop it for you during the development phase. After launching your site, the cost will be $65/hour.


4. Search Engine Optimization


- Search Engine Optimization is an important factor for a successful business/ministry website. We will make your site search engine friendly. Standard SEO comes with web development package, added extensive SEO only costs $200.


- Details about our SEO services included in the package:


  • 3 months of monitoring and Website URL submission for the top most popular search engines on the web.

  • Alexa ranking monitoring and promotion available.

  • Media & content tags analysis

  • Keyword analysis

  • Meta Description analysis

  • Link Building


5.Technical Support


- We will provide a 2 months FREE technical support for you after launching your site on the web (www). We will answer your question regarding website management, technical details, content management, user management or anything about operating your own website; we can provide this through email, text messaging or by phone (602-292-2982).


- Note: If you’re too busy and can’t manage or don’t have time to manage and maintain your website, we also offer an Inphinnity Website Maintenance Service, please contact us if you need this services and we will give a quotation and technical details included about this. Pending on site complexity, monthly maintenance starts at $35.00.


6.Payment for services


- Payment: At the start of the development process for your company/ministry/personal website, you will need to pay us 50% of the total development costs, with the remaining balance of 50% due upon completion of the website. We will start the development immediately after receiving the initial payment.


- Mode of Payment: Once a site development contract is agreed upon, an invoice will be sent to you for corporate/individual approval. When Inphinnity obtains a “green-light,” you, the client can mail the 50% paid directly to us, or use one of the online services we have partnered with (see details below). All payment venues are protected by SSL Secure Shopping & Payment Services.


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  • Mail: P.O. Box, Sterling, KS 67579

  • PayPal: IOM America (link sent after agreement)

  • Stripe: IOM America (link sent after agreement)


After the payment is secured & verified, development services start within the following week. All development & site design is approved by you, or your corporation, throughout this process. That means, you, or a member from your ministry/corporation, will need to be available for development approval/editing during the business hours of each week.


Note: To start the process, please fill in Inphinnity Web & Media Development Form below.

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