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Identity Matters Worldview Institute


Protecting your private information is our priority. This Privacy Policy governs data collection and usage of the products, services, software, platform and websites (collectively, "Services") provided by IOM America & the Identity Matters Worldview Institute Incorporated and any of our affiliates (collectively, "Thinkific"). Our privacy agreement is simple, we keep all student & visitor data 100% private. We do not buy, sell or trade any collective data obtained in the IM Worldview Institute. By using our services, you consent to the data practices described in this policy as well as our Terms of Service below. If you do not agree with any part of this Privacy Policy, then you should stop accessing the Services.

Terms of Service:

  1. Trial Offers: IM Worldview makes available trial offers for the limited use of the Services (each, a "Trial Offer") to new customers & special promotions.

  2. Refund Policy: We gladly offer refunds for billing mistakes. If you change your mind and want to cancel an account that you paid for upfront, we can give you a prorated refund. Unless you have a good reason, we don't give refunds for services that you've already used.

  3. Membership Downgrade: You can downgrade your account at any time. If you stop paying for your account, or advanced premium services, we will downgrade your account automatically for you. If a downgrade occurs, please check your auto-renewal payment services. To reactivate your standard or premium status, re-submit your donation-based services. If you are experiencing financial hardship – please visit the Mission/Funding page.

  4. Instructors: The instructors you find within our website are volunteer-independent contractors, not IOM America employees, so they're free to set their own terms and course fees. IM Worldview Institute is not responsible for the services or advice they give. We can access all messages you send an instructor through the IOM America, IM Worldview Institute and IM Thinkific websites for fulfillment and quality assurance purposes. The primary owner of collected data within the online school belongs to IOM America - the over-site organization of IM Worldview Institute & IM Thinkific online schools.

  5. Registered Instructors: IM Worldview Institute will share your information with it's registered, Board of Regents approved, instructors to fulfill ministry services with their agreement with our organization(s). Instructors agree to pay an annual fee to maintain their pay-by-course reciprocation distributions. Registered instructors’ services will automatically renew unless they choose to cancel - at which time, all student information is withheld from them. All instructors must agree to our Privacy Policies and Terms of Services. Students are granted permission to become instructors once they graduate from the IM Leadership level of training. The application page will be provided after all prerequisites have been completed.

  6. Termination of Service: IM Worldview Institute has the right to downgrade or cancel your account at any time – without refunding the fees. This is a very rare occurrence, and would only happen if you were violating the terms, breaking the law, or otherwise misusing the links & services.

  7. Document Ownership: The documents you create and store on our website belong to you. Although, by way of our Instructor's Agreement, we have the right & obligation to share assessment and survey results with our instructors - otherwise they are kept 100% private within our document storage system.

  8. Email Consent: IM Worldview Institute may send you emails, but you can unsubscribe at any time. All subscribers to the Institute are integrated into our Identity Matters email services, as with our Institute’s email services, you can unsubscribe at any time.

  9. Online Communication Services: We offer a lot of ways to communicate through our website, like message boards, live chats, blog comments, IM Discussions, LinkHim Network and more. You agree to use those services as intended, and not to post anything illegal, abusive or unrelated to your student agreements.

  10. Social Networks: If for any reason it would be illegal for you to use IM Worldview Institute services, you agree not to do so. You also agree not to use our social networks for frivolous chats, non-related institute communications, hate-crimes, or to pursue fellow students for contact development. If any abuse of these services is noted, your subscription, membership or student registry will be promptly deleted from our system.

  11. IM License/Copyright: If you follow these terms, you're welcome to use all IM Worldview Institute services in the manner intended. The documents you create, as well as the content in each course (videos, audios, PDF files, etc.),  are yours for personal use, but you can't sell or give away the content without the author's/instructor's permission.

  12. Intellectual Property Rights: The IOM America, IM Worldview Institute & Thinkific logos, software, trademarks, products, and services belong to us. You agree not to copy or sell any of our intellectual property.

  13. Third-Party Links: The links we provide to other websites are for your information only. Even though we endorse the website owners, we are NOT responsible for the content on those sites.

  14. Minor Aged Students: In honor of the federal standards of minors, it is the responsibility of the minor-student to obtain permission from their legal guardian(s) to attend any, and all, course work provided by IM Worldview Institute, IOM America & Thinkific.


Feel free to contact us with your questions or comments.