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Impacting The World & Bringing Salvation To The Planet

Who Is iGen-Z?

First of all, the terms iGen-Z & Gen-Zers was coined by IOM America, the oversight ministry of iGen-Z. iGen-Z is a generation that is savvy, curious, entrepreneurial, fed by inspiration, rally around social causes, and want to be informed & educated. Most are highly concerned about humanity's impact on the planet. They want jobs that impact the world - the very objective of iGen-Z outreach. 

iGen-Z Is Not An Illusion

Most researchers reference this generation as an illusion or minimally living under an illusion. This simply is not true. We believe this generation has been appointed to redeem the mistakes of their previous generations. >>>

How  iGen-Z Can Help

The founder of iGen-Z is one of the leading experts in understanding Generation Z.

We know that this generation is one of the most materially endowed, technologically saturated and informationally educated that our world has ever seen. This culture is most connected and shaped by their peers & educators who take the time to understand them.

We consider iGen-Z to be one of those influencers. 

The iGen-Z Big Six

  1. Globally Aware - environmental

  2. Need for Speed - fast answers

  3. Collaborative - a voice to be heard

  4. Digital Natives - technological 

  5. Entertainment Savvy - captivating

  6. Micro Miners - bite-sized info

So What?

The "what" is in the who. We have plans to convert 8,000+ videos, articles, books, and audios into iGen-Z friendly content. That's what! The "who" is Jesus Christ. We will not shy away from presenting the authenticity of the Gospel in its original method. The difference will be through the means of "The Big Six" ideologies of Generation Z.  

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What's Next?

Check this website often. We are under construction BUT many resources will be provided as we venture throughout 2020. Until then, let us know you visited this site. Secondly, browse through our partners Generation Z friendly 5-Minute videos.

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