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Video clips is one of the most powerful mediums on the internet.  YouTube is certainly ranked highest but we also post our videos at GodTube:


Our production team is constantly working on a new video to assit our mission worldwide.  If you know of a clip that would benefit our mission, please contact us.  I have a video clip for IFEL: Click Here

Crucified In His Identity

The partnership of Beamer Films, Heartland Family Productions and the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life presents "Crucified Into His Identity." The Gal. 2:20 message is clear, powerful and to the point.

Crucified With Christ

Our first version hosted over 2,000 views & now our revised version includes the life size artwork "Crucified With Christ" by Steve Phinney - enjoy!

New Identity In Christ

New Identity:  - Another Exchanged Life tool to assist your church, ministry or personal growth IN Christ. International Fellowship of Exchanged Life.

Who Am I Lord?

Exchanged Life: Behavior & worldview projects from personal identity! This little short-film is a great tool to use to open discussion, or thought, about one's identity in Christ - or lack of it.

IOM Official Video: High Noon

This short-film, was produced for the purpose of revealing the power of the reurrection!  Film by Mel Gibson | Music by Andrew Peterson | Video Enhancement by Inphinnity Designs

The Old Man Is Dead

This short-film, was produced for the purpose of helping viewers understand the Truth that the Old Man (Adamic Nature) was crucified with Christ upon Salvation.

IOM Official Video: Am I Who I Am

This short-film, was produced for the purpose of revealing the power of the believer's identity through the opinion of Jesus Christ and NOT in what the believer does!

His Resurrection And Ours

Did you know that an indwelt believer shares in Christ's death, burial and resurrection? It is true - this video clip reveals such Exchanged Life truths.

Better Than A Hallelujah: Grant

This remix by IOM is to remind the believer that God uses all things for His good!

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