Electives: Random Titles


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1.  Fatherhood

Training Men In Biblical Manhood


Description: Our women, children, communities and nation need a few good men – husbands, fathers and leaders who are willing to lead according to the divine Word of Truth.


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2.  Brokenness Series

True Spiritual Growth Comes Through Brokenness


Description: Learn more about the building blocks of brokenness; the Old Man is Dead, Releasing Your Purity, the Heart of Brokenness, a Heart of Victory and New Covenant Victory.


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3.  Marriage Series

The Hebrew Covenant Marriage


Description: This mini-series has become one of Dr. Phinney's most popular series - revealing the details of marriages made in Heaven from a Hebrew perspective.


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4.  Men & Morality Series

Men Embracing The Biblical Design Of Sexuality


Description: This mini-series comes to us by way of a live men's conference presented in Phoenix, AZ.  The results was overwhelmingly Spirit lead.  The podcast have since gone worldwide - still reaping testimonies of changed lives.


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5.  The Passover

Clarifying The Difference Between Easter and The Passover


Description: Most Christians today do not know the difference between Passover & the pagan influence of Easter.  This message clearly marks the true history of the Passover Communion.  Learn More...


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6.  The Bride Of Christ

The Indwelt Believer - The True Bride Of Christ


Description: Hebrew law required the firstborn son to be married.  It was not optional.  He had to marry the bride who was handpicked by the Hebrew patriarch of the family.  It was the same with God.  He used creation to multiply humans in order to pick the cream of the crop for His first and only Son.  God not only used the Old Testament to reveal the incompetence of His people, but to prepare for the way of the Groom.  Learn More ...


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7.  The Hebrew Mother

Embracing Motherhood Through Pictorial Hebrew


Description:  Jesus offers complete freedom from the lies of the enemy!  He wants every woman to know that there is a way of escape and that the enemy has no power to enslave women in believing things that stop them from demonstrating true freedom and power to men and children.  


Jesus knows that women are the aspect of His Father’s creation that points the way back to the Father.  This is accomplished through women using their design and influence to point children and other women back to their husbands/fathers to be ministered to and ultimately lead back to God the Father.


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8.  The Perfect Woman

Understanding The Lies That Women Believe


Description:  This message depicts the primary lies women tend to believe, while listing the Biblical (Hebrew) blessings of woman.  


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9.  The Truth About Christmas

Biblical History Of The Pagan Holiday Of Christmas


Description:  Jesus makes it clear regarding His hatred of the pagan beliefs.  Church history reveals the connection of the pagan traditions of Christ-Mass with the Roman State Church.   


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10. Art Of Spiritual Warfare

Training Men & Women in Spiritual Warfare


Description:  The Art of Spiritual Warfare is a series on equipping the Body of Christ the art/gifting of Spiritual Warfare. 


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11. The Book Of Revelation

A Mini-Series On The Endtimes


Description:  The book of Revelation holds a unique position among fellow believers today. It is probably considered the most reverent book in the Bible. Not to say that it is but Christians rarely attempt to read this book—let alone study it. It is most likely the most neglected book in the Bible.


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12. Who Is Your Daddy?

Believers Follow Their Father


Description:  A message focused on the Biblical difference between God the Father and the "father of lies" and how both affect the role of men on earth.


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13. Bannished From The Garden

Adam and Eve Are Removed From the Garden


Description:  Banished from the Garden is a profound & simple message of truth surrounding the details of characteristics of woman in the Garden.


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14. Coming To The End Of Self

Identity of Self-life Put To Death


Description:  A message focused on the Biblical difference between God the Father and the "father of lies" and how both affect the role of men on earth.


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15. The Power Of Co-Crucifixtion 

The Believers Identity In Death


Description:  This power-packed message is centered around the truth of the True indewelt Christian's co-crucifixion with Jesus Christ.


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16. Forgiveness

Extending & Seeking Forgiveness


Description:  Extending & Seeking Forgiveness before God, in prayer, is forgiving anyone who has hurt you. Once an indwelt believer gets to this point, he is usually quick to release all anger and pain before God, extending forgiveness to those who initially hurt him, and in many cases, is ready to seek forgiveness from others whom he has hurt (Matt. 5:22-24). Seeking Forgiveness is the process of going to an individual whom you have offended by action or reaction, seeking their forgiveness, and restoring the relationship when possible.


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17. Giving Thanks To Our Savior

Seven Fold Praise



"Amen, blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might, be to our God forever and ever. Amen." (Rev 7:12) Here, a seven fold praise given to God by the angels, as to the Lamb (Jesus Christ), shouldn’t indwelt believers do the same?  Why don’t we do this as a lifestyle? 


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18.  The Naked Radical Cross

The Power of the Cross



Worthy is the Lamb, worthy are You our Savior, Redeemer – our Husband. We thank you Father for sending your Son in order to provide for us a way of sitting at Your side for Eternity! Blessed is the name of our beloved Savior forever and ever!May the power of the Radical Cross touch us and change us for Your name sake. Bless now Your Holy Spirit as we release our minds to Youin the teaching and receiving of Your Word.


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19.  The Numeric Coding Of The Christ Child

Christ As Life vs. Christmas



The Evangelist having traced the genealogy of Christ from Abraham, which he divides into "three" parts, because of the threefold state of the Jews, "first" under Patriarchs, Prophets, and Judges, "next" under Kings, and "then" under Princes and Priests, gives the sum of each part under its distinct head; "so all the generations", that is, the degrees of generation, or the persons generated from Abraham to David, both being included, "are fourteen generations"; as there were, and no more.  Numbers are everything to our Lord - lean more.


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