our value

Revealing the believer's identity in Christ Jesus.


Reaching the world with a Christ-as-Life worldview.


Researching & reaching present & future cultures.

our goals

Removing obstacles that block a Christ-as-Life view.

Theologically, the anti-everything generations must support a lukewarm society, liberal government and religious rule before there will be an acceptance of a global peace-peace society, which the Scriptures depict as the first half of the Tribulation period.  Once the global populous has dominated and thus conformed the world into an anti-everything modality (outside of self-rule), that present culture can then self-proclaim what 'God means by what God says.'

IOM Contributing Writer


Helping members of the body of Christ to experience, mature in, and communicate effectively the message of identification with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension in the believer's various spheres of influence.



It is our confession that worldview is birthed through personal identity!  This is why it is critical for our readers to first understand who they are in Christ before they can lead another in such a discovery.  With this in mind, we aim to integrate the identification truths of co-death, burial, resurrection, and ascension into all aspects of ministry communication.  It is our experience that if any ministry or its workers focus on worldview issues before they gain an experiential understanding the power of the Cross, these workers could actually lead the Church away from the Truth that will set them free.



Our primary objective is to equip individuals for the purpose of building up the Body of Christ and to assist in empowering men, women, children, and families to have a greater impact on the communities they serve. This is accomplished by providing Christ-centered, Bible-based guidance and training that centers on issues pertaining to the indwelt Christian's identity in Christ.


We press forward to show individuals their freedom from enslaving mental, emotional, and spiritual conflicts by placing a special emphasis on IDENTITY MATTERS. The discipleship style is direct, honest and truly biblical.

Whether you are already trained, or are just getting started in the equipping process of the Christ as Life ministry, I encourage you to learn more about how we can assist you in your ministry calling.



The ministry of IOM has adopted the project of the Exchanged Life Global Initiative, which has provided the ministry with a proactive pro-vision, in order to revitalize the worldview of uniting Exchanged Life workers throughout the entire world. In addition to our existing strong partnerships, we welcome the partnerships of other ministries that focus on the message of the Exchanged Life to join our efforts!  To learn more: click on Exchanged Life Global Initiative on menu bar on our website. Please review our 12 Points of Transformation below.




1. Global Unity of Indwelt Believers

Uniting within the full Body of Christ.


2. Preaching The Same Cause

Message, "Not I, but Christ."


3. Uniting A Single Identity

Identity in authentic Jesus Christ.

4. Returning To The Word

Affirming God's absolute Word.

5. Rejecting The 'Social Gospel'

Refuting a 'new kind of Christianity.'

6. Christ-As-Life Worldview

Viewing the world through the indwelling mind of Christ.

7. Persecution Assistance

Helping the persecuted Saints throughout the world.

8. Building An Online Network

Forming the International Fellowship of Exchanged Life network.

9. Network Teachers In Christ

Unifying Exchanged Life teachers & preachers throughout the world.

10. Building Equipping Centers

Establishing Identity Matters Worldview Centers - equipping field-leaders.

11. Partners In Christ Jesus

Unifying musicians, teachers, corporations, ministries, churches & believers who support the identity Truth's in Christ.

12. Generation Preparation

Equipping future Generations with the mind of the indwelling Christ - 'Christ in you.'

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